An Open Poem to GDS

An Open Poem to GDS

Authored by Gary Shulman, MS. Ed. | January 28, 2022


Ever moving forward with integrity and passion

Always searching for the need and taking proper action

Giving to the vulnerable so hope remains alive

Washington Heights heroes to this end they always strive

Growth and Development Services…GDS is their name

Lifting up our future leaders is just one claim to their fame

Dr. Altheim at the helm heroic in his struggles

Lord the man’s a saint-just look at what he juggles!

Perseverance personified in keeping his eyes on that prize

So teens, families and seniors never ever have to surmise

Surmise about their futures, though tenuous they might be

For all seems right in their complex world with support from Dr. G

I won’t belabor, bewilder, bore you bedazzle nor obscure

Sadly, for GDS’s survival-there is no magic cure

Each day the struggle begins again to keep the dream alive

To keep afloat his healing boat that struggles to survive

Once again with each new day some try to block the dream

To thwart the goals and crush the will is their never ending scheme

With a team of heroes steadfast and true GDS shall forever endure

For truth is truth, and good is good on to victory forever more!