Robert Schanz

Robert Schanz, President

A consultant in the field of real estate and construction, Bob advises clients on business development, project development, cost reviews, material procurement and organizational procedures. 

David Allen

David Allen, Vice President

David Allen is the General Manager and a minority owner at Kassoy LLC an iconic diamond and jewelry industry supplier in business since 1936.

Sandy Schiffer Chapo
Sandy Schiffer Chapo, Secretary

Bio Coming Soon

Sandi Galawanji
Sandi Galawanji, Treasurer

Sandi Galawanji is the Treasurer of GDS and a member of the Board of Directors.  Sandi, who holds a PHD in Greco Roman Archeology and a master’s in accounting.

Dr Gary Altheim

Dr. Gary Altheim, Founder

Dr. Gary Altheim is a New York State licensed Clinical Psychologist who has extensive experience in working therapeutically with emotionally challenged children, young adults, seniors, and families.

Gerard Belfort

Gerard Belfort

Gerard Belfort is a member of GDS’ board of directors. He joined GDS in 2021, after learning about GDS’ efforts to provide mental health resources to at-risk youth in New York City.

Dan Jimenez

Daniel Jimenez

Having grown up in a Christian home and with a strong set of values and beliefs, he developed his character modeling his parents’ love for helping and serving others.

Kevin Acevedo

Kevin Acevedo

A Washington Heights resident, Kevin Acevedo was initially attracted to GDS by the passion and dedication that he saw in the leaders to make a meaningful difference in kids’ lives.