The Community Advocacy Program was created to ensure the continuation, utilization, and creation of most-needed mental health and youth development services. Growth and Development Services Inc. (GDS) fosters linkages with schools, community-based agencies, and public officials to help advocate for under-resourced youth and families and create positive social change. Participants engage in activism training which promotes a strong sense of self and teaches critical skills needed to advocate for themselves and others.

This video filmed in January 2019 and featured in the petition explains the wrongful eviction of Growth and Development Services (GDS), as well as the mismanagement of The NYC Fort Washington Armory. This city-owned building was designed and created to be a community center for the benefit of the community and its members. In the summer of 2019, GDS and its youth participants were locked out of their community space.

From 2002-2019, The Fort Washington Avenue Armory was home to GDS, which provides mental health, youth development, and intergenerational programs for marginalized youth and their families. Please CLICK HERE to sign the Petition for Change.

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