Healthy Mind Series

This is a series of FREE workshops that are available to provide mental health awareness and support to New York City’s youth and community members.

Our Workshops

Our virtual workshop series ran for 5 weeks throughout the Spring offering resources for emotional support and mental wellness. The pandemic has left many with a sense of isolation and hopelessness. Our Healthy Mind series, led by a clinical psychologist, created a safe space for open and honest dialogue to build connections while initiating positive change.

Attendees were provided with healthy tools and strategies for coping with the impact of COVID19. 


Via Zoom

This was a 5 week Zoom event that is now closed. To learn about future events contact [email protected]


Spring 2022

For 5 weeks on every Thursday, participants enjoyed a safe place for open discussion about mental wellness and positive change.


Youth and Community Members

This was a FREE workshop, led by a clinical psychologist for ages 15 and up, please visit back for future workshop information.

Listen in as Dr. Gary Altheim, Founder of GDS and clinical psychologist joins Christian Brown to discuss mental health issues and ways to empower¬† New York’s inner-city youth to Reach Their Potential.


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Healthy Mind Series

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