Training Institute

GDS provides internships and training for aspiring youth workers and mental health professionals on how to effectively work with at-risk youth. Interns receive instruction, professional development, and hands-on experience in the most effective approaches to working with youth and their families who are facing challenges. 

Training Institute Seminar

Mental Health Counseling Training:

The Mental Health Counseling Training portion of the GDS Training Institute (TI) trains staff, volunteers, and aspiring mental health professionals on how to work therapeutically with underserved youth, adults, elders, and families. Accordingly, this portion of the Training Institute focuses on internally training youth workers to work with our participants in addition to mentoring aspiring mental health professionals.

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We’re proud that a number of our Training Institute alumni have been graduates of the Excel Program who have decided to pursue careers in mental health and youth services as a result of their GDS experience. Many of our volunteers and interns have gone on to pursue graduate-level degrees and become leading professionals in their field. Youth workers and aspiring mental health professionals receive certificates upon successful completion of the Training Institute program. Volunteers are eligible for letters of recommendation to schools or potential employers.

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