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Click the video above to see the Reach Your Potential (RYP) Model in action. Parts of the RYP model have been discontinued due to funding, with your help we can bring it back.

Program Outcome Measure

Assessment and Impact:

GDS uses the Behavioral Assessment Scale for Children-2 (BASC-2), by Reynolds & Kamphaus, a comprehensive, multidimensional approach to evaluating behavior and self-perception in children and adolescents.    It is one of the most valid, reliable and recognized tools for measuring psychological and educational outcomes.  participants have achieved:

Greater school success.  92% of teen participants have graduated from high school (vs. 55% at nearest public high school).  90% have been accepted to college.

Better behavior.  92% report being “less impulsive.”

Increased family harmony.  93% of parents report fewer behavioral problems at home.

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