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Proven Success

Since 1996, GDS has utilized program outcome measures of the highest standard. Analyses of our quantitative and qualitative data demonstrate remarkable success of our programs and the Reach Your Potential model. Our results show that GDS helps transform the lives of the people we serve. Participants have consistently shown improvement in their mental health, social behavior, and academic standing.

Program Outcome Measures taken from alumni surveys and The BASC-2 (The Behavior Assessment System for Children, Reynolds & Kamphaus) indicate:

  • 92% of GDS teens graduate from high school (50% higher than the New York City rate)
  • 93% of GDS teens working full time jobs or attending college
  • 91% of GDS teens report feeling “happier”, and having increased self-esteem
  • 92% of GDS teens report being “less impulsive” and “more competent”

Our program outcomes/surveys (2014-2016) indicate that the Reach Your Potential Program equips participants with the tools they need to cope with school, work, and “life”. Results indicated:

  • 100% of youth participants reported being self-aware and had improved communication skills
  • 100% had a better understanding of self-advocacy
  • 100% of participants want to return to the program
  • 100% had a better understanding of advocacy and community issues
  • 93% of GDS participants go on to college and/or become employed
  • 94% of parents report increased harmony and improved relations at home
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